All services begin with a getting to know you and your pet interview. A service agreement, veterinary release and pet information forms will be filled out. We will work with you to establish a routine for your pet that you feel comfortable with.
A Pet Report Card will be left after all services to let you know how your pet is doing.

Pet Sitting
We Let the Dogs Out will come to your home based on the established schedule to provide fresh food, fresh water, exercise or walk and play with your pet at every visit. We can also administer your pet’s medication if necessary. We can also pick up the mail, newspaper, water plants and alternate the lighting in your home at no additional cost.

Why leave your pet home?
Your pet stays in the comfort of his own home without the anxiety of being at a kennel.
Less Risk to Your Pet's Health
Your pet will never be grouped with other animals which will reduce the risk of infections.
Hassle Free
There is no longer a need to frantically call a neighbor to watch your pet or reserve a spot at the kennel. In home care also alleviates the stress of cutting your vacation short to pick up your pet in time from the kennel. Your pet is happy at home awaiting your arrival.

Mid-Day Doggie Walks
This service is designed for new puppies, senior dogs, or people who work long hours and cannot make it home in reasonable amount of time to let their pet out. Let us keep you and your pet happy by providing the mid-day potty break and a bit of exercise while you are at work. The same walker will be assigned to your pet providing consistency and affection for your pet.

Cat Care
We will come to your home to provide fresh food, fresh water, clean liter box and play time with your furry friend. We recommend one visit per day for healthy adult cats. Kittens and senior cats are recommended to have at least two visits per day.

Daily House Check
This service is designed for people who do not have pets but would like to have the peace of mind of a security check. We will pick up your mail, newspaper, water your plants, and alternate your lighting in and around the house.

Pet Supply Delivery
We will gladly pick up your pet supplies at the store of your choosing and deliver them to your home. This can be added onto the price of another pet service or priced alone.

The Daily Scooper pet waste removal
Dogs bring joy to everyone’s life, but they don’t bring their own pooper scooper to clean up your yard-that’s where the Daily Scooper comes in.
We can help keep your yard clean weekly, every other week, monthly or we offer one time cleanings-whatever suits your needs.

Why should you clean your yard?
Pet waste is quite toxic. It can carry such diseases as Parvo, heartworm, tapeworm and Corona just to name a few. Not only are these diseases contagious to other animals but humans may become sick, especially children.

Please call for your in-yard quote.


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